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Considering Selling Your Business?

Selling your business is a huge decision. Our team understands that and is here to help you make the right decision for yourself, your family, and your company.

We provide businesses with honest and direct advice from beginning to end. We provide unfiltered answers to all questions and then let you decide to sell or to wait based on information, not a sales pitch.

Vista Business Group uses a team approach to sell your business. Our team will develop a strategy based on your specific needs, implement the plan, and manage the process. We want our clients to be fully educated and aware of exactly how this is going to work. You will understand the value of your business, how deal structure works, and the process of selling a business. Call it our “no surprises” policy.

We have two different options you can use to sell your business.


How you want to list your business is important information for being successful. We offer two selling options that have proven to get you the very best price and terms possible. Click each option for more information.

The full listing with bidding process option fits business owners who want to sell in a reasonable amount of time, compare multiple offers at the same time,  have negotiating leverage, and be able to pick the buyer who is best for them.  

  • This option best fits owners who want to sell at the best price and a set amount of time.

  • When clients use our Full Listing Option, we proactively look for buyers.  We don't wait for buyers to come to us.

If you have an interest in learning more, you may contact us or register as a seller.

Marketed widely or selectively

When using the set price process, owners can decide if they want the business widely marketed or more selectively marketed.  The advantages to this process are: 

  • If marketed widely, the process can be very fast.  It would be reasonable to expect to have an agreement with a buyer within 4 weeks of starting the marketing process.   
  • If marketed selectively, the advantage is that a limited amount of people will know the business is for sale.  The disadvantage is will take longer to come to an agreement with a buyer.  It could take long as 24 months, before we come to an agreement with a buyer.  

Keep in mind, that no matter what strategy we implement, the potential buyer isn't provided the name of the company until they've signed a confidentiality agreement.   

The asking price must be reasonable and fair.  

When clients use our Full Listing Option, we proactively look for buyers.  We don't wait for buyers to come to us.

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