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  • Hyper-focused on your sale. The way it should be.

    You’ve probably seen a nice house or car sit for sale on the market for months. Maybe because the price is too high, there’s a lack of important detail, or simply bad pictures and descriptions. One can draw assumptions, but whatever the cause, it doesn’t sell — with noticeably little to no effort to make it happen. This is all too common in the world of selling businesses. We prefer a different approach.

  • Invested in Success

    It’s no question that professional guidance is valuable. Especially through a difficult process like selling a business. Also, no question the value that comes with guidance correlates with cost; whether that be time or money. What’s at the intersection of value and cost? When success is the common goal. Let’s dive in.

  • Rethinking the Question: Do You Have Experience Selling a Business Like Mine?

    A question frequently posed to us and others in our industry is, "Do you have any experience selling a business like mine?". While our answer may sometimes be no, we believe there's a more crucial question to consider when vetting a partner to aid in your business sale.

  • A Complex Process - Simplified (Pt. 4)

    In the final installment of our four-part series, we go over why you need someone to turn to when things turn south.

  • A Complex Process - Simplified (Pt. 3)

    We’ve outlined select challenges of the solo approach in business transactions and highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts for success