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  • The Intangibles of a Good Buyer: Beyond the Finances

    It's difficult to recognize a good business buyer from a bad one just by looking at a price offered. Beyond the finances, there are many intangibles that can help distinguish a good buyer from a bad one. Let’s explore those crucial traits that define a truly great buyer.

  • 5 Things to Focus on When Prepping for a Business Sale

    There are a handful of basics that can apply to any business, helping to smooth the selling process while increasing your company’s value.

  • “Not” Sold By Owner

    Moral of the story: It’s best to trust people who specialize in selling if you want to get it sold.

    When you’re trying to sell your business, the importance of this is multiplied. Afterall, anyone can buy a house. Not everyone can buy your business, let alone run it successfully.

  • Hyper-focused on your sale. The way it should be.

    You’ve probably seen a nice house or car sit for sale on the market for months. Maybe because the price is too high, there’s a lack of important detail, or simply bad pictures and descriptions. One can draw assumptions, but whatever the cause, it doesn’t sell — with noticeably little to no effort to make it happen. This is all too common in the world of selling businesses. We prefer a different approach.

  • Invested in Success

    It’s no question that professional guidance is valuable. Especially through a difficult process like selling a business. Also, no question the value that comes with guidance correlates with cost; whether that be time or money. What’s at the intersection of value and cost? When success is the common goal. Let’s dive in.