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By utilizing Vista Business Group's buy-side advisory services, you will be provided a professionally managed acquisition process. Whether you are a company wanting to grow through acquisition, or an executive wanting to work for yourself, our buy-side process will help ensure that your goals and objectives are met.

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If you are a corporate executive ready to own your own business, but are tired of looking through endless overpriced internet listings, we can provide assistance in the following ways.

We have contacted many business owners over the years, who are ready to sell but because of confidentiality concerns aren’t willing to “list” their business for sale. Therefore, we may already have a relationship with the business you are looking for.

We can build a campaign around your search. First, we’ll identify businesses that fit your criteria, then our team will reach out to each and ask if they’d consider selling. If they have an interest in selling, our team will further evaluate and if there is a good fit on both sides we’ll​ introduce them to you.

Once you’ve identified a business that meets your needs, we’ll walk you step by step through the process. This includes gathering information, negotiating, and finance.



If you want to grow your company through acquisition, we can help in the following ways:

We have developed relationships with many business owners through the years who are ready to sell, but not sure they want to go through the listing process. So, we may already have a company in our data base that meets your search criteria. ​​

We can build a campaign around your search and reach out on your behalf to businesses that meet your acquisition criteria. If they have an interest in selling or merging, our team will facilitate an introduction.


If you are running a business and the owner is ready to sell, we can help you and the owner negotiate a fair price and guide you through the financing process.

Concerned you don’t have enough capital to purchase the businesses? There is no need to worry! If you are running a successful business, we have access to the capital resources you need.

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