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Vista Business Group Ranked as Top 20 Advisors by Close Rate 2022

Vista Business Group was ranked in the Top 20 Advisors by Close Rate in 2022 by Axial, competing against 1,435 sell-side M&A advisors. Overall, Vista came in at the Number 3 spot.

The rankings were assembled based on the dealmaking activities in 2022 through Axial. The following methodology was used to generate their list:

  • Bringing a minimum of 5 deals to market via the Axial platform after January 1, 2021 
  • Reporting a minimum of 1 closure in 2022 on the deals marketed after January 1, 2021

In 2022, Vista Business Group sold 21 businesses, ending the year with $126 million in total transaction value. On average, listings taken to market receive over 200 buyers showing interest, demonstrating a strong demand for the businesses represented.

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Axial Top 20 Advisors by Close Rate in 2022