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Rethinking the Question: Do You Have Experience Selling a Business Like Mine?

A question frequently posed to us and others in our industry is, "Do you have any experience selling a business like mine?". While our answer may sometimes be no, we believe there's a more crucial question to consider when vetting a partner to aid in your business sale.

Combatting a Diverse Business Landscape with Uniformity

There are countless sectors, industries, and small businesses in the U.S., each with its own unique characteristics. However, when it comes to M&A, the process remains largely standardized. Every business, regardless of industry, shares common goals and unique aspects. M&A strategies, therefore, follow a consistent process.

Ultimately, what a buyer is seeking is a cash flow generating machine. While the means of generating cash flow may differ, the fundamental principles of revenue and income remain the same. The M&A process—offer, negotiation, due diligence, funding, and closing—remains consistent, regardless of the type of business involved.

What Truly Matters

Understanding the Market:

  • Identifying the most likely buyers for a business and building a robust pool of potential buyers is key. Targeting the wrong audience reduces efficiency and minimizes the potential for a successful sale. 

Proven Process:

  • We’ve broken down the numbers in a previous blog. The bigger the pool the higher the chance you find the right fit. Once the pool is established, running the sale through a proven process, adhering to deadlines, and ensuring transparency with buyers are crucial for a smooth transaction.

Communication and Expectations:

  • Setting clear expectations with business owners throughout the process is vital. This involves pre, mid, and post-sale communication. Mostly covered through early education, the goal is to avoid any surprises.

Proactive Problem-Solving:

  • Anticipating potential issues and having predetermined solutions in place is a proactive approach to ensuring deal success. While impossible to predict every obstacle, most can be snuffed out through minimal observations early on — regardless of business type. 

The Right Question to Ask

While prior experience in a particular industry is beneficial, the pertinent question isn't whether we've sold a business like yours before. Instead, it's whether we can successfully sell businesses consistently—regardless of economic climates, seasonal variations, or market fluctuations. In our case, the answer is a resounding yes.

Ready to navigate the complexities of selling your business successfully? Let's start the conversation.

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