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Invested in Success

It’s no question that professional guidance is valuable. Especially through a difficult process like selling a business. Also, no question the value that comes with guidance correlates with cost, whether that be time or money. What’s at the intersection of value and cost? When success is the common goal. Let’s dive in.

Unlocking Success with Incentive:
One can’t discuss recipes for success without bringing up incentive. Hungry fish take the bait. Why would a fish bite the hook if you’ve already chummed it full? Yes, chumming is an effective fishing practice, but that’s beside the point. Much like high earning sales positions, it’s tough to meet or exceed expectations without a carrot at the end of the stick. Lack of hunger equals lack of proactivity.

Partners in Success, Not Just Service Providers:
We expend resources throughout this process. No sale equals a loss on our books. Losing is not only unacceptable, but also not an option. In a way, we become partners. We’re investing in the journey of your business sale. Your success is our success. It becomes more about viciously finding a solution to every road bump we meet than hoping for the best. Much less fuel for that activity when without a shared commitment.

The Obvious
From the most straightforward perspective, you get paid more, we get paid more. Anyone can get on board with that.

Which Path Will You Take?
Fact is, there’s simply no better way to align interests than with the success fee. Is it the most risk-averse, sure way for us to generate income? As many in our industry have found, the answer to that is no. We could promise the moon for a large deposit. However, that’s simply against our values.

Ask yourself the question: who would you rather partner with? If you’re ready to invest in success like us, reach out. Let’s put together a strategy to make this a win-win.


If you’re interested in selling your business with a trusted advisor, contact Vista Business Group today at (913) 944-2285.

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