J.C. Strauss - Partner

J.C. brings 30 years of experience in Mergers & Acquisitions to Vista Business Group.  He is a skilled negotiator, achieving optimum structure and terms for each transaction.  He has represented buyers and sellers and is equally comfortable on either side of the table.  He has worked in several industries, including oil & gas, waste managment, commercial real estate, construction, power sports and food service.  J.C. is located in Southern California and holds a B.S. in Business Administration Finance from SDSU.

J.C. can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at JC@VistaBusinessGroup.com.

Adam Borst - Partner

Adam graduated from Kansas State University with dual degrees in Financial Management and Financial Services and a minor in Economics.  While attending Kansas State he was an officer of the Student Finance Association and their first lead bond fund manager.  After graduating, he worked as a lead portfolio manager for a large Midwest registered investment adviser; where he ran his absolute return strategy, delivering superior risk adjusted returns for his clients (relative to the market and benchmarks).  He then worked extensively as an independent market maker and consulted for a publicly traded company as a market cap consultant.  His understanding of risk/reward trade offs and potent growth catalysts allow him to find strong matches for our clients.  Adam lives in Lincoln, Kansas with his wife and daughter.

Adam can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at AdamBorst@VistaBusinessGroup.com. 

Jason Williams - Partner

Jason graduated Cum Laude from Kansas State University with a degree in Business Administration and a Major in Marketing.  While attending Kansas State he competed as a decathlete and was able to achieve Big 12 Champion and NCAA-All American. After college he ran a successful business for several years. He brings the same determination and drive that made him successful in school, the decathlon, and business to Vista Business Group and his clients. Jason lives with his family in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Jason can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Jason@VistaBusinessGroup.com.

Grant Cooper - Partner

Grant Cooper founded Strategic Resumes & Business Plans in 1995. He serves a client portfolio of business startups, regional banks, oil & gas firms, transportation companies, healthcare organizations, and building contractors, as well as executives and professionals. Grant is an award-winning resume and business plan writer, careers columnist, software author, and LinkedIn expert. He has hands on experience in the Mergers & Acquisition arena, as prior to starting his current business, he sold three businesses of his own.  He resides in his hometown of New Orleans with his wife Kris, a university executive. Their three children are Marc, a geoscientist, Lisette, a Sales Director, and Kate, an LSU medical student. Grant is a graduate of Louisiana State University and attended graduate programs at Golden Gate University and LSU School of Law.

Grant can be reached at 913-944-2285.

Michael Gadberry - Partner

Michael, who grew up in Central Kansas, comes from a family of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  He attended both the Universities of Northern Colorado and Kansas.  Realizing the dream of business ownership, ultimately began with a successful sales and marketing career and culminated in the founding of several businesses.  Through the years he has worked with customers to provide solutions utilizing tools for predictable management, financial and operational business analytics and now brings his experience to Vista Business Group.  "It is exciting to be part of the Vista Team, and I look forward to helping our clients reach their goals." 

Michael can be reached at 913-944-2285. 

Colleen Biggs - Partner/Project Manager

Colleen joined Vista Business Group in January 2016 and brings with her 25 years of banking experience. She attended Friends University and received her Associates Degree in Accounting. Colleen lives in Lincoln with her family and spends her free time attending her children's sporting events and when the weather is right, at the lake with friends!

Colleen can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Colleen@VistaBusinessGroup.com.

Our Team

Ron Litton - Partner

Ron has been an owner of businesses since 1983.  He has bought, sold -- handled start-ups and turnaround situations for banks, owners, and equity groups.  Additionally has been a CEO and worked within the structure of large public and private companies.  Ron enjoys working with owners that want to sell or transition out of their businesses. Ron lives in the Kansas City area.  He graduated from Central Missouri State University with a BS in Graphic Arts and Management.  

Ron can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Ron@VistaBusinessGroup.com.

Deb Mazzaferro - Associate Partner

Deb works with specialty food entrepreneurs to create and implement their go-to-market Sales and Marketing strategy.  After successfully working as a National Sales Manager for many years, she saw a need for specialty food companies with awesome products to understand the sales process and learn to embrace industry standards in order to be successful.  Since 2001, she has worked with over 160 companies in all areas of Consumer Packaged Goods food products with the primary function being to grow revenue.  She also shares her experience through various speaking engagements.  Deb is a Sommelier (for fun), an accomplished cook and plays to a 22 handicap!

Deb can be reached at 913-944-2285.

Mark Obermueller - Founding Partner

Mark began his career as a banker in 1989, after twenty two years and reaching the level of President and CEO, he started Vista Business Group.  Mark's understanding of buyer, seller and banking needs, allow him to structure deals that sell.  Mark is located in Lincoln, Kansas and earned a Bachelor's degree from Fort Hays State University.

Mark's phone number is 913-944-2285 and his email address is Mark@VistaBusinessGroup.com.

George McCaughan - Partner

George has over 30 years of experience in both the Fortune 100 and middle market arenas as well as international experience. Success in business was achieved by working in a variety of leadership roles and functions including marketing, strategic planning, information technology, human resources, manufacturing, distribution, sales & divestitures, and various financial positions. George understands the challenges of the business owner / CEO today as he led his last company through the great recession, doubled revenues on post recovery and at the same time posted record-breaking profits and customer satisfaction scores. He outlined a business exit plan that he also executed on which resulted in a smooth transition to the new ownership group. George earned a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Mississippi.  He and his wife Leslie live in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

George can be reached at 913-944-2285.

If you have an interest in joining our team please contact Mark Obermueller at 913-944-2285 or by email at Mark@VistaBusinessGroup.com.  

Dr. Bill Goodman - Partner

Dr. Bill Goodman is a Technologist, Entrepreneur and a Master Results Coach and Speaker. He has a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from UCLA and has worked in Space, Defense and Aerospace his entire career.  Bill’s skill sets include: business planning, marketing, commercialization plans, customer negotiation, and financial and technical risk mitigation. Bill is skilled in proposal writing and capture strategies, export control, and commodity jurisdictions. Bill has previously managed diverse engineering groups; including physicists, thermal and structural engineers, optical and mechanical engineers, and information technology engineers.  Since the 1990's, he has been employing his skills in business to help his clients strategize and negotiate, overcoming obstacles and positions that were perceived as insurmountable.  

Dr. Bill can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at DrBill@VistaBusinessGroup.com. 

Adam Schmidtberger - Partner

Owner of a SDVOSB engineering company, Adam served 10 years in the U.S. Navy as a Navy SEAL and Surface Warfare Officer with deployments to Afghanistan and the Middle East.  He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.  He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his wife and children.

Adam can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Adam@VistaBusinessGroup.com. 

Susan Danzig - Associate Partner

Since 1994, Susan Danzig has been working with financial services professionals. She helps her clients understand, appreciate and clarify their true value, define their specialization, create effective marketing plans and develop exit strategies. As a result, she guides her clients in welcoming greater income and ongoing success.  In addition to her experience working with clients, she values education. Susan is a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Certified Business Development Coach. Susan regularly invests in post-graduate programs to further her training, knowledge and specialty areas.  A strong contributor to the community, Susan is on the Board of the Financial Planning Association as Chair of the East Bay Chapter, and Past Committee Member for NorCal, the largest Financial Planning Association conference in Northern California. Susan resides in Moraga, California and consults with financial services professionals all across the country.

Susan can be reached at 913-944-2285.

David Norris, MD, MBA - Partner

Dr. Norris practices as a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist in Kansas. While serving in leadership positions for his practice, he realized he needed more knowledge about the business side of healthcare and decided to return to school for more education. It was during his business school education experience that David discovered his real passion – to help others improve their business intelligence and become stronger leaders through education. He works with academic departments, medical societies, and practices of all sizes to improve the business intelligence of healthcare providers.  Dr. Norris teaches on leadership, financial intelligence, and negotiations at many regional and national conferences including those of the Medical Group Management Association and the National Association of Managed Care Physicians. He is a columnist for Physicians Practice and the American Association for Physician Leadership. His first book, “The Financially Intelligent Physician: What They Didn’t Teach You in Medical School” was released in 2017. 

Dr. Norris can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at David@VistaBusinessGroup.com. 

Michael Haulsee - Associate Partner

Dr. Haulsee holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from Mercer University and BS in Biology from East Tennessee University.  From his early days as a clinical pharmacist to international consultant, he has developed a keen understanding of the complicated dynamics that can impact effective business.  Dr. Haulsee's experience is gained through his involvement with many facets of the pharmaceutical industry.  He has owned pharmacy businesses worldwide, developed pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, assisted in the successful formation of international specialty pharmacies, and has become keenly knowledgeable of foreign cultural and regulatory differences.  For over 20 years, Dr. Haulsee has assisted many small to medium sized businesses within the pharma industry.

Dr. Haulsee can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Michael@VistaBusinessGroup.com. 


Bart Davey - Partner

Bart brings 35 years of financial analysis and corporate funding to Vista.  He has developed an extensive network of private equity funds providing capital to qualified buyers.  He works with funds that have different areas of expertise and different investment profiles.  Generally funding deals in excess of three million dollars. Bart resides in Richmond, Virginia. The bankers he works with can provide funding as well as expert advice on structuring and capitalization. 

Bart can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Bart@VistaBusinessGroup.com.

Vista Business Group is growing:

Robert Wall - Partner

Rob has been a professional business consultant and owner of businesses for the past 22 years. He has built, operated, bought, sold and provided turnaround services for a multitude of industries ranging from franchise startup/funding, small family owned businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Although diverse in his experience, since 1995 Rob has specialized in the operations and consultation of mid to large sized manufacturing companies. Rob is originally from Michigan and has traveled globally in his service with The United States Air Force.  He holds a BBA with Charter University and currently resides in South Carolina with his wife and children. Aside from working diligently for his clients, Rob speaks nationally regarding subjects on business, leads in many networking groups and is also well connected in the community.

Rob can be reached at 913-944-2285.

Ron Tooley - Associate

Ron graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Business Administration.  Most of his career has been focused on marketing, but also includes several years in the real estate and automotive industries.  His top priority is to exceed the clients' expectations by providing outstanding service. Ron's focus is working with individual buyers as well as private equity groups.  He lives in the Kansas City area. 

​Ron can be reached at 913-944-2285 or by email at Ron.Tooley@VistaBusinessGroup.com.