sell & exit

"Vista Business Group was very instrumental in finding the 'right' type of buyer for my business.  They are knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of the process.  From determining price, assisting with the LOI, legal and accounting references and with help understanding the purchase agreement documents.
Their help was very much appreciated and beneficial."

Paul Vanberg
Vanberg Specialized Coatings​

If you are ready to retire, we offer the following strategies:

1)We have an extensive network of buyers and its very likely that we have a relationship with a 

buyer who will be interested in your business.  Through this network we can quietly find the right 

buyer for your business.

2)We can market your business through a confidential "blind" listing.  This is a more aggressive 

process and will allow you to pick from numerous offers.

3)Do you prefer to sell to a “strategic” buyer?  Working closely with you; we will identify strategic buyers, contact them and see if they have any interest in growing through acquisition.  The name 

of your business is kept confidential until you give us approval to disclose it.

Our team will work with you to build a strategy that fits your goals.