Dr. Haulsee can be reached by email

at Michael@VistaBusinessGroup.com

or by phone at 913-944-2285 or



Bart can be reached by email at Bart@VistaBusinessGroup.com

or by phone at 913-944-2285 or


Dr. Michael Haulsee and Bart Davey are Vista Business Group's pharmacy mergers and acquisitions specialists.  If you have an interest in selling or acquiring a pharmacy in the United States, they are the experts in this space.  

If you want to acquire a pharmacy, let them  know the type, size and location.  If one isn't already available, they will start looking and let you know when one has been located.   You can let them know what you are looking for by registering below, or reaching out to them at the contact information listed below their pictures.

They can also assist pharmacy owners with a free business valuation, advice on positioning for a future sale of their company, marketing their company for sale or raising capital for growth.