"Vista Business Group has been excellent in their due diligence and follow through on potential acquisition targets and fit. After more than a year of exploring options, we were able to close an acquisition in 2014. Looking forward to working with Vista Business Group on additional future acquisitions."

                   ​Thomas Isaac

Corporate Executive

If you are a corporate executive ready to own your own business, but are tired of looking through 
endless overpriced internet listings, we can provide assistance in the following ways:

●We have contacted many business owners over the years, who are ready to sell but because of 
confidentiality concerns aren’t willing to “list” their business for sale.  Therefore, we may already 
have a relationship with the business you are looking for.  Give us your search criteria and let us 
match you with a business we’ve already contacted.

●We can build a campaign around your search.  First, we’ll identify businesses that fit your 
criteria, then our team will reach out to each and ask if they’d consider selling.  If they have an 
interest in selling, our team will further evaluate and if there is a good fit on 
both sides we’ll introduce them to


Once you’ve identified a business that meets your needs, we’ll walk you step by step through the process.  This 
includes gathering information, negotiating and finance.