Location:  Dodge City, Kansas

Industry: Agriculture Subscription Magazine

Vista Business Group Role:  Represented the buyer and management team.

The Buyer:  This investor client looks for management teams to back. 

The Seller:  The company produces a widely distributed agriculture publication and was owned by a parent company.   

The Transaction:  After reaching out to the business Ron Litton became aware that the management team wanted to acquire the business from their parent company.  He approached our client who looks for opportunities to back management teams.  They liked the company, industry and management team   Ron helped the management team and investors negotiate with the parent company and a deal was struck. 

Testimonial:  Brynavon is pleased to announce its most recent investment in the High Plains Journal .  Originally owned by McCormick Armstrong Co., Inc. of Wichita, Kansas, High Plains Journal has a long and colorful history of delivering farm and ranch news to High Plains and Midwest farmers and ranchers.
McCormick Armstrong was subjected to "sellers' fatigue."  At this point, Brynavon was introduced by Vista Business Group as a resource for the management team of High Plains Journal to acquire the business.  Six managers, who collectively have worked 142 years at the company, partnered with Brynavon to acquire the Journal. 

Brynavon was happy to work with Vista Business Group who had the insight to introduce Brynavon to McCormick Armstrong at the perfect moment in their decision process.

                                       Patricia J. Wolf - Acquisition Analyst

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